Marketing & Leasing

Finding qualified , long lasting tenants
we screen every applicant and match the best tenant to our properties focusing on high retention, and minimizing vacancies with exceptional service.
We create a proactive approach, Which allows us to match tenant to our units in the shortest amount of time.



after our screening and vetting we schedule tours with potential tenant's desired unit 

after screening vetting and matching a tenant to their new home.
we formalize the new relationship between the  tenant and us with the lease agreement 

going over all relevant info we also  go into details including internal policies, processes ,and responsibilities as  tenants .


our process begins with the tenant application once reviewed the most viable prospects go on to the  screening process including(not limited to) credit check ,background check ,prior evictions ,proof of income ,employment verification etc.., assuring  the best possible candidates.


once agreement is signed tenanats now make their first payment, our agent will do a walk thru a hand over keys to a new home.